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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Bearded Dragon Unit

I am very excited to share my Bearded Dragon Unit!  We have completed our projects and are in the process of sending these home.

Since we have a bearded dragon as a class pet, students were familiar with some of the behavior and needs of these reptiles.

The first activity was taking a look at our bearded dragon and to observe his physical make up and thinking about why he is built this way.

The next step was to create our pet using clay, toothpicks, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners. (A bearded dragon actually has 5 claws, but we only had room for 3.)

Children have had the opportunity to observe the behavior of our pet, but there are other things they have not been able to see. So, I created this slide share to teach the children about common behaviors they could see.

Bearded Dragon Behavior from stinablossom

We kept a journal and did interactive writing lessons throughout our learning.

After talking about nutrition, we went on to learn about common bearded dragon illnesses.

Bearded Dragon Illnesses from stinablossom

The children used some plastic lizards in the vet center to attend to the injured or ill. 

Our Banker Boxes were set up and the thermometer and substrate were put in.

The bearded dragons were not able to move into their homes until they had the required heat light and a UVB light "installed." 
The children were asked to bring in some rocks and branches to create a hide for the animal's comfort.

These projects were displayed during a science night for parents.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Three months later...

This year has not been good for finding blogging time.  Mainly, my son's school schedule makes it impossible to get home early enough to find the time.

Well, here are some of the things we did...



I was able to attend the Reptilian Nation Expo at the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds.

The Expo will be back to the San Bernardino Fairgrounds in late March!


I hope to be back sooner, not later, to share my unit of study on Bearded Dragons.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Show and Tell: Color and Nursery Rhymes

It's Show and Tell Tuesday and I linking up with Stephanie from Forever in Fifth grade!

After reading the book "Mouse Paint," I wanted to have the children do a color mixing activity.  Normally, I would have given them the paint and the brushes and let them go at it. But at this point in the year, students are lacking self-control, so I decided this baggie method was safer.

We made a puppet of Pete that reinforces colors.

I made this chart that was inspired by Mrs. Parzych's Kindergarten. It really helps teach the steps to design. My class created traps to catch Little Miss Muffet's spider.

 Here are the design plans that students made...

Here are some of the actual traps that students created...

Mat man is made from magnetic pieces on the whiteboard.  He was hanging there for our Back to School Night.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday: Beardies and Bugs

I am linking up with Stephanie over at "Forever in Fifth grade" for "Show and Tell Tuesday." I just have to share about my beautiful beardies!

Meet my new boy!
He is a three year old Bearded Dragon. I adopted him this week. He is quite large, about two feet long. His  name  is Reptar but I just like to call him "Big Boy."

Here is the baby bearded dragon. He's thriving!
He has doubled in length since I have had him. He is up to 10 inches from snout to the tip of his tail. He is shedding like crazy which is a great indicator of growth.

I bought a hornworm to feed to my bearded dragon, but it turned into a pupa before I was able to give it to him to eat! I put it in the net, so I could watch it change. This is a very large moth.  I may do this next year with my class. I found a site that has some resources on it http://earthsbirthday.org/bugs/hornworms