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Saturday, October 6, 2018

All About Me Unit

This year I added a new unit of study entitled "All about Me." 
It incorporated lessons on feelings, name activities, and Conscious Discipline ideas. When I started to get my classroom ready, I was asked to go through my old Pre-K Splash curriculum.  I was absolutely delighted to find that these four Shubert books were included  in the kit as well as the "It Starts in the Heart" music CD.

Using the Shubert books, I was able to introduce the important concepts of Conscious Discipline and using the CD we were able to start bonding into a school family.
These students are practicing their breathing using the feeling dolls.  These are homemade dolls that are based on Becky Bailey's "Feeling Buddies."

This student is explaining how we use the feeling dolls after we read the "Feeling Buddy" books.

You can get a copy of  my Free Kindness Recording Sheet through my TpT store.

As part of our procedures, we developed a voice scale to learn when and where certain voice levels are appropriate.  

The unit involved explore feelings. Notice that children gave different responses to the same picture.
Using some terms of the unit, we created a "word, letters, sentences" chart.

This predictable chart was used to help students learn name recognition and create a book entitled "My School Family." Each page of the book included a photo of the child named.

This is the unit of study wall.  It included feeling faces and emotion names as well as the breathing posters.  These are available free at https://consciousdiscipline.com/free-resources/
You simply have to sign up to access these resources.

We read many books about feelings and used interactive writing to combine the learning of print concepts with learning about our emotions.

I introduced the time machine when students began having conflicts that they were not able to handle on their own. Students have begun to ask to use this tool when they feel it is needed.

Students were asked what emotions they have trouble dealing with, what they could do to handle it, and what could they create that would help them. We used this information to create projects.

I am not in any way affiliated with Conscious Discipline.  I simply own two of Becky's books and decided to incorporate the ideas into my unit.
I hope you found something useful today.