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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday- a day late!

I'm linking up with Forever in 5th Grade for her very first Show and Tell linky!

I showed my class that they could count out to 100 by making groups of tens.  The quickly made the connection that they could count these groups by ten.

My kinders are studying solid shapes and sorting pictures under the correct areas.  The hardest thing is for students to recognize is a solid figure as such when it is on a flat piece of paper!  To clear up this misunderstanding, I brought out their class picture.  I asked them if their friends were flat.  Of course they giggles and said no.  Then I explained that when you take a picture of solid objects,  print them on flat paper, it doesn't turn the object flat.
This was a directed painting assignment for TK.  I focused on the shape- circle and also the concept of size. Students had to make a large, medium and small circles for the snowman body.  Small circles for eyes and buttons.

Here the kinders are writing the attributes for each solid figure.  


Each child made a Martin Luther King project.  The kinders wrote a sentence, while the TK drew pictures and I took dictation. This project is from The Caribbean Teacher.