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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Bearded Dragon Unit

I am very excited to share my Bearded Dragon Unit!  We have completed our projects and are in the process of sending these home.

Since we have a bearded dragon as a class pet, students were familiar with some of the behavior and needs of these reptiles.

The first activity was taking a look at our bearded dragon and to observe his physical make up and thinking about why he is built this way.

The next step was to create our pet using clay, toothpicks, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners. (A bearded dragon actually has 5 claws, but we only had room for 3.)

Children have had the opportunity to observe the behavior of our pet, but there are other things they have not been able to see. So, I created this slide share to teach the children about common behaviors they could see.

Bearded Dragon Behavior from stinablossom

We kept a journal and did interactive writing lessons throughout our learning.

After talking about nutrition, we went on to learn about common bearded dragon illnesses.

Bearded Dragon Illnesses from stinablossom

The children used some plastic lizards in the vet center to attend to the injured or ill. 

Our Banker Boxes were set up and the thermometer and substrate were put in.

The bearded dragons were not able to move into their homes until they had the required heat light and a UVB light "installed." 
The children were asked to bring in some rocks and branches to create a hide for the animal's comfort.

These projects were displayed during a science night for parents.