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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Word Problems in Kindergarten

  Happy Spring! 
My class and I have been taking on a more challenging form of word problem for subtraction.  Not only do we use the "some went away" format, but we are also studying missing part word problems. 
One of the presenters of the January Common Core conference, mentioned that we may fall short if we only teach kids subtraction in the manner where something goes away.  With the new testing for common core on the horizon, we know students will be required to solve more math word problems.  It's not just computation anymore!!
So I stepped up our game plan!
 Watch this video of the children solving these word problems!
Don't see it...click here to see it on SchoolTube.
I was delighted to discover that if I used number frames, almost all the children could be successful in solving these types of problems. I was also exciting to hear the language of the word problems being used in the explanations!!!

Click here if you would like to try this yourself with an Earth Day themed math reader.
Recycling Word Problem Reader

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Fiction and Nonfiction Sort (Five for Fri.)

I worked with guided reading groups on this skill.  We reviewed the differences between nonfiction and fiction. Then we sorted our reading books under each heading.  These were very quickly handwritten on whiteboards. But I have since made nicer posters to laminate and use for future groups.  Keep on reading!
Click each image for a copy.

Had to say goodbye to this display this week to make room for new projects... Sad to see it go.  I really like the way it turned out.

I'll also have to take down these adorable writing assignments about the presidents as well.


Trying desperately to get students to learn these words fluently. We played this bean bag game to trick them into studying!  We said each word we were trying to hit and pointed to the word many times. Then I  changed  up the game by allowing students throw the bean bag to the word of their choice- under the condition that they read it to me.
I did the same activity twice this week. I gave students manipulatives and put addition or subtraction on the board.  I want these children to become proficient with the two skills.  The first time it did not go so well.  I used linking cubes. Then I came back the next day with this.
After reading the book and listening to the CD. We were all really excited to try addition and subtraction again using groovy buttons! The motivation and success was tremendous!! I could not believe the difference!!

I am sure you are hitting word families hard and heavy!! My class really enjoys making the words with the cut out letters.
I am posting " ig" cut out letters here if you would like to use it.

The week of St. Patrick's Day we will working on "ug."
So we will be making another headband out of this:
Yours for the taking...