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Sunday, April 21, 2019

CTA Good Teaching Conference

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Last month, I had the good fortune to attend the Good Teaching Conference in Orange County.  It was a great time and a wonderful learning experience. 

One of my favorite sessions was the "Spectacular Books to Make and Take" presented by Mary Peterson.  

Mary taught us how to make very clever books using her skills in origami that she learned as a child. Some books were too advanced for my skill level, but some of them I will make with my class soon.  She sells a digital copies of her book on TpT and here is the link to free directions for the Pull and Peek Book.  Also, visit her website https://www.teachertreasures.com/   
She has resources on Guided Math, Reading and Writing.

My other favorite session was "Art It Up."
My inspiration from the session directed drawing insects and pattern block art.


My other favorite was "Easy and Exciting Science Experiments You Can Do."
Here is a fun activity you can do with your students.


From Brain Science to Instructional Practice 
by neuroscientist, Kenneth Wession

Key points from his presentation:

  • Give students think time for better responses.
  • They need to discuss their thinking in order to make it clearer
  • Add regular movement in lessons- moving adds glucose to the brain
  • The brain makes no distinction between physical stress, emotional stress or intellectual threat
  • For faster learning provide safety, acceptance, inclusion, interaction and involvement

Design lessons for children's developing brains use:

  • Patterns
  • Emotions
  • Relevance
  • Context, content, in cognitively appropriate forms
  • Use sense making models, like stories
  • Add visuals
  • Add manipulatives (touch turns on the brain)
  • Connect new material to prior knowledge, new knowledge is connected to what we already know
  • When students struggle it is in the absence of  mature brain development, not curriculum development
  • Students of kindergarten age need a change in instruction every 7 minutes
  • Novelty activates the brain


Visit WWW.CAST.org
for resources on 

Universal Design for Learning


Join me this June, I will be doing a book study on Dr. Delahooke's new book!