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Friday, August 22, 2014

Blog Hoppin' Freebie Friday Linkups

I don't think I can pick only one thing that I love teaching in kinder!  The teaching themes are super fun and math utilizes an abundance of manipulatives. When the children start to decode, read and write, I am always thrilled and excited! One really fun activity was my "d or b song" and manipulatives! You can try them too, if you'd like. 

It is a very difficult task teaching students the difference between lower case b and d.  I had tried many of the great ideas others have shared, but I still have children that are confused.  This was a bit frustrating for me.   I watched them make mistakes in their reading only because they confused those two letters.  So I tried something a bit off the wall.

This was the concept that "b" can only walk one way on his street.  Likewise, "d" can only walk one way (the other way) on his street. 
A ridiculous song was included!

The b and d pages come with various fonts.  This is great to use in the beginning of the year when you want students to be able to recognize the different looks of the letter.

Click (here) to get the Bb Street page.
Click (here)to get the Dd Street page.
Click (here) to get the various b and d fonts.

Enjoy the show! Hee, hee!

You can also use these manipulatives. These are really fun!

Click (here) to get these for your students.

Kindergarten is the best!!!

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Freebie Fridays

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Five for Friday: Fabulous Freebie and Fun!

Yeah, I'm a day early!

If you plan to teach money value and coin recognition to your students, you may find this freebie useful. Click away!
Part 1 Money book
Part 2 Money book
Format for book
Fold on the broken lines and cut on the solid lines.

Enjoy Mr. R's coin song to reinforce your money lessons!

Try some back to school fun with this "clean house" activity!  Find an area that is divided into two sides or areas.  Divide students evenly into each of the two areas.  You will need a good amount of bean bags and evenly divide those among the two teams.  When you give the signal, students "clean house" by tossing the bean bags into the other team's side.  When you give the signal to stop, you count up the bean bags to see who has the cleanest "house." This game is great for practicing counting skills. 


The sound effects are very enjoyable. The thing I like most is that it has potential applications for every grade level.  You can create a review wheel for your grade level standards, a reward wheel, a PE activity wheel, etc.  Again, the app is Decide Now and it is $.99.


Here is my classroom jungle area!
The vines are made from green crumbled up streamers. I cut each leaf in either light or dark green.  The palm tree was purchased at a party store and the grass was purchased at a teacher store.
Soon I'll be adding the monkeys...the class is still in progress with those.

Freebie Fridays

Friday, August 1, 2014

Subitizing Dots Tree Map Freebie

If you are unfamiliar with the term subitizing, I will explain a little bit about it here.  Subitizing is when a child instantly knows a number of objects without needing to stop and count them.  This skill helps children develop strong number sense.  You can develop this in your students by creating dot plates.  This entails making several arrangements of the same number on several different plates.  
As children become proficient, they may practice conceptual subitizing.  This is when a child uses 2 smaller number patterns to arrive at a larger number. I always found this interesting. I would get a variety of responses when asking my students to explain how they figured out the larger number.

To start you off I have created a slide share for practicing the numbers 3-6.

Click the here for Subitizing Dots Tree Map Freebie. I hope you will find it useful.
The second part of subitizing (numbers 7-9) is found here.

Before I sign off, I would like to share this site with useful free apps!!!
This app is called "Number Rack."

You can slide the beads and cover them with the shade (like the picture above) so students can find the missing amount.

But there are many more!!!

Number Frames, Math Vocabulary, Geoboard, Number Pieces, Number Line-all for free!
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