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Friday, March 10, 2017

Five for Friday: Read Across America & More

It's Five for Friday! Thank you to Kacey for hosting!


These are alphabet cut outs glued on construction paper with smiley faces at the top so the children know where to start! The bottom has stamped rectangle boxes so students can practice with a pencil.  Get your free ABC's here.

I love St. Patrick's Day crafts!
My class really enjoyed this story.  Here they are "performing surgery" to save the old lady.  They are using plastic tweezers to remove the animal and insect cards from her.  These are from the Making Learning Fun website link above.


My class used crayons and watercolors to make these cats.  You can get the Cat in a Hat template here.


These Free Dr.Seuss Themed Teen Numbers were supposed to be used as a puzzle.  But I had the idea to turn them into a giant Thinking Map.  The pieces make for a terrific Bridge map.