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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Easy Peasy February Activities!

I thought I would do a quick post to share some of the activities I am planning (or have done) this month! All be these activities can be done with little or no prep! 

First, here is a the Valentine bag we are making! You can do these in no time!!! I did not use special paper.  This is just regular copy paper with red hearts from a craft punch.  The bag is a giant size lunch bag from Walmart to fit more goodies! I made the students do their own cutting and gluing. I used rounded templates to give them ease with cutting. (The picture shows my sample, but the students did a good job using scissors!)

and you will also need these....

 We are studying word families and we wanted to have a headband for Valentine's Day, so this is what I came up with!

Get it here: "ip" word family.

Save this one for next year.  I was not planning to share this. It just went so well for me, I wanted to add it.  I did this on the fly!! Hey, I forgot all about Groundhog's Day with it being on a weekend!! I just used regular copy paper again. Students did the coloring and cutting.  Luckily, I have paper plates and craft sticks handy. I quickly folded and cut out the hole in the bottom of the paper plates.  I also assisted with the glue on the sticks.
I got the idea for this creation from here, but I did not see any templates for it, so I made my own to use. Maybe, you will want to try this yourself.

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Punctuation Sort (free) K.L.2b

I created this punctuation sort to get students thinking about end marks and get them to become more aware of each type.  My hope is that this will transfer into their writing and they will be thinking about what is needed when they create sentences. Many students are not remembering to add any end punctuation.  

Directions:  Students cut on the broken line and glue the top strip on the top of an envelope.  Then they cut the individual pieces out to sort.  When they are done sorting, they can store the individual pieces inside the envelope.
********If this is the first time you have used envelopes like this in class, you will need to tell your students not to lick them shut!!!*****

Here is a small booklet to reinforce punctuation.

This is a link to my video that matches this booklet.

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