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Friday, November 20, 2015

Five For Friday 11/20

I am happy to share what was a very enjoyable week, but a very tiresome one.


The kindergartners made the large turkeys created by Krissy Miner.  The paper bag turkeys were made by the transitional kinders.
Students are working on comparing numbers. This display was created to reinforce the concept. 

This week we had our 70th day of school.  "Zero the Hero" came to visit and gave us instructions to make 100 using our the fingers on our hands.  I traced each students hands and asked them to color them in.  Then I wrote the numbers above each set of hands. Sorry, the picture is not great.


My student were able to make a pattern block Native American headband.


I am off for 9 days! Finally to get some much needed rest.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving!


Saturday, November 7, 2015

Aliens Love Underpants (and we love the book!)

This week we enjoyed activities with an alien theme.
We began with a read aloud of Aliens Love Underpants.

There were lots of giggles.

I made each kindergarten child a booklet with 5 pieces of plain paper and a 12x18 piece of construction paper.  The plain paper was stapled inside the folded construction paper. I gave them time to color the front cover. 
Each day I gave them one story problem strip to glue in the booklet.
I read the story problem and asked them to solve it in the booklet.
The children are very proficient with the process of solving story problems.  We practice on a regular basis.
Here is a copy of the story problems I used.  Feel free to download.

Of course, we had to make a cute alien craft! 
You can grab the head here.  The underpants were found here.

The body is a circle.  The arms and legs strips of paper.
My kindergartners had to write about why aliens love underpants.
I got the printable from Kim Short's store here.

The TK students aren't quite writing yet, so I used a different printable and wrote what they told me.  I got this printable from First Grade Blue Skies.  Get this printable here.

Next, we used Kim Swoveland's "Alien Adventures, Aliens, Outer Space, Unit Supplement FREE."  During this activity we sorted English words from alien (nonsense) words.
You can download this from her store here.

Finally, we sounded out and wrote English and "alien" words.  I told them the cvc word and they had to write it correctly on the proper side of their paper using their phonic skills.

We did other activities that I did not include in this post. There is plenty of fun learning that can be done with this theme!