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Friday, November 20, 2015

Five For Friday 11/20

I am happy to share what was a very enjoyable week, but a very tiresome one.


The kindergartners made the large turkeys created by Krissy Miner.  The paper bag turkeys were made by the transitional kinders.
Students are working on comparing numbers. This display was created to reinforce the concept. 

This week we had our 70th day of school.  "Zero the Hero" came to visit and gave us instructions to make 100 using our the fingers on our hands.  I traced each students hands and asked them to color them in.  Then I wrote the numbers above each set of hands. Sorry, the picture is not great.


My student were able to make a pattern block Native American headband.


I am off for 9 days! Finally to get some much needed rest.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving!


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  1. Love your turkeys! Way more anatomically correct than mine, haha. Enjoy your break!

    Years That Ask Questions