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Friday, September 26, 2014

Five for Friday

Those ideas are from Mrs.T's Blogspot and Dinah Zike's book!
I am so excited to have recently purchased this book. I recommend it, because it has ideas for grades K-6. It is also a great introduction to foldables!
So...this project uses Dinah's three pocket foldable and Mrs. T's greater than, less than, or equal to tool in the middle! 
Watch me work...
First, I got my supplies.

You can always use index cards and have the children write down what they are to compare.  Have fun with this one!
When I introduce the alphabet at the beginning of the year, I pace myself by introducing 2 letters a week.  I have found that one a week was not enough, and one a day was too many. I used the recommendation of the Hampton Brown: Alphachants for the order of introduction of these letters.  Their suggestions are based on research.  They have found that the certain letters have sounds that are easier and faster to learn. The also place a vowel intermittently, so that as soon as a group of 6 letters and sounds are mastered, students can begin decoding lessons.
Here is the order:

Mm Ss Ff Hh Tt Aa Cc Pp Ll Gg Rr Ee Dd Kk Nn Vv Oo Jj Bb Ww Ii 

This leaves Yy  Xx  Uu  Qq  Zz which are harder to learn. That takes us to three...

 This is my Mm project this year, It is  appropriately called Mr. or Miss Mouse.  I love paper plate projects.  This one used one large plate and two smaller ones for the ears. The hardest part is keeping the children focused enough to cover every white spots with black paint! 
Mr. or Miss Mouse Face Template
As promised, the second half of the subitizing resources.


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Monday, September 1, 2014

Ring! Ring! A Positional Word Game (Yes, for you!)

I created this game so students could reinforce the positional word concepts that they have previously learned.  In addition, I had a request for more resources for this concept in my comments.  I have been working on this for many moons!! I had intended to have this posted sooner. 

The game gives students a chance to practice their oral language skills using the words in complete sentences. Feel free to download a free copy with directions included. Please leave me a comment if you try it with your class. I would love to know how it worked out for you. 

Here is a tip: Model the directions several times before allowing students to play on their own.