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Friday, November 11, 2016

Little Miss Muffet and other Random Stuff

I am linking up with Kacey over at Doodle Bugs Teaching with my five!

 I am also linking up with Stephanie over at Forever in Fifth Grade with my four!

I knew I had seen Shape Turkeys somewhere, so I searched the internet high and low for it.  Several days and hours passed and still I found nothing.  Finally, I gave up and decided to do something like it myself.  Of course, I found it a week later.  The original can be found here: Wild about Firsties

I have never done anything with food in my classroom.  Mostly because I am a disaster cook and I find it intimidating.  Then I found this nonthreatening Spookley Snack on line and I knew I could handle it no problem.  I used graham crackers, frosting, marshmallows, decorating gel, and AirHeads Soft filled Bites candy.  We used yellow and red food coloring to make the frosting orange.  I asked the children to predict what color red and yellow would make.  I was dismayed at how many strange colors I was given.  We frosted our graham crackers, placed two marshmallows for eyes, used the black decorating gel to draw details to the eyes and a mouth, and lastly added a green colored candy stem. 

We have been studying Little Miss Muffet.  I made the picture (below) of little Miss Muffet with her meal set in a park. There is no spider.  First we recite the poem as written and I add the spider. Then we repeat the poem until we get to the part, "Along came a..." At this point I change the characters (available below) and we discuss how this changes the ending. 
Finally, the children choose their own character and tell me the new ending.  These students are TK and are not writing more than there names yet, so I take dictation. The results are pictured above.

(Free) Miss Muffet Setting 
Laminate for multiple use.

Laminate and cut out characters.  Use tape to add and remove characters.

Left over Halloween pics!  I love the balloons.  These are colored balloons that we drew faces on with a sharpie.  But the fun part was the candy inside.  I must warn you.  It is not easy getting items inside the balloons.  I found that the long cylinder shape of some smarties went in easily. I think tootsie rolls would probably work too. When playing with the balloon is over, you pop it, and out lands the candy!

This was my son's first vex competition. He only made 8th place out of 33. Still, I was really proud of his effort and excitement. 

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