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Friday, May 31, 2013

Floating and Sinking Emergent Reader Booklet Freebie

I was very disappointed that sinking and floating experiments were not included as any part of the next generation science standards.  I love doing this each year with my class and modeling the scientific method. It is simple, affordable, and fun!! 

At any rate, I managed to squeeze this in during the last week of school.  My class was done with intense lessons. They were ready for something different.  They were ready for some hands-on experimentation. And I was able to tie it into reading!!!

I have some nonfiction floating and sinking big books that we read together as a class, like the one below.
In addition, this emergent reader booklet integrates the floating and sinking theme into reading!! And it also your freebie today!!

Click the image below to grab a copy!!

I would also like to share this gem!  I was not able to share it with my class, because it is only available on YouTube and I could not access it through the district server.   However, I played it at home for my second grade son and he was glued to his seat! It is an interactive video. Give it a try on your computer!! (It doesn't work on the iPad.)

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Plant Needs Thinking Map

1) By student request, I am embedding this beloved video... 

2) I loved how these Mother's Day bouquets turned out!!   Again, instructions here! 

 3) Plants, Plants, Plants!!  This book comes from Enchanted Learning.

Look at how these pinto beans grew!!

4) This freebie goes with our plant study.
Click the link below for your copy.

If you hadn't noticed, I really like things that go together.  When I created this thinking map, I used this video as my inspiration.   

5) Pajama Day!!
AM group

PM group

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