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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Insect Unit

This year our school was tasked with creating units of study based around project based learning.  Our final unit was the insect unit.

Here are some of the activities.

When solving word problems, the children were required to add all the details of the story.
Example, "Justin found 6 ladybugs in the park. 2 of them flew away. How many ladybugs does he have left?" In this story children needed to draw the setting (park),the character (Justin), and the plot (ladybugs leaving).  In this way, they are practicing detailed drawings as suggested in "Write From the Beginning." After, they may write the answer as a number or a number sentence. 

This was a drawing activity that challenged the students to listen carefully to the directions. Students were told draw:
  • a square, yellow head
  • an orange, triangular thorax
  • a green, oval abdomen
  •  2 antennae
  •  6 legs
  • a grumpy face on the insect
  •  the setting (grass and sun)
Then we were able to tie math into this by having the children measure their insect with cubes.

Our essential learning involved discovering how insects can be helpful or harmful. 
We used these resources to lead discussions.

We created a double bubble map comparing insects.

The final project was to create a 3D insect with all of its parts (head, thorax...) and to tell what the insect does to help to or hurt the environment.  The students were required to design their project and were allowed to add special features to the insect.
The insects were created with adult help.

Materials List
packing foam, felt, pom poms, pipe cleaners, egg cartons, wax paper, left over laminate, paper towel tubes, construction paper, craft sticks, cotton balls, masking tape

Have fun with your units!