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Friday, August 1, 2014

Subitizing Dots Tree Map Freebie

If you are unfamiliar with the term subitizing, I will explain a little bit about it here.  Subitizing is when a child instantly knows a number of objects without needing to stop and count them.  This skill helps children develop strong number sense.  You can develop this in your students by creating dot plates.  This entails making several arrangements of the same number on several different plates.  
As children become proficient, they may practice conceptual subitizing.  This is when a child uses 2 smaller number patterns to arrive at a larger number. I always found this interesting. I would get a variety of responses when asking my students to explain how they figured out the larger number.

To start you off I have created a slide share for practicing the numbers 3-6.

Click the here for Subitizing Dots Tree Map Freebie. I hope you will find it useful.
The second part of subitizing (numbers 7-9) is found here.

Before I sign off, I would like to share this site with useful free apps!!!
This app is called "Number Rack."

You can slide the beads and cover them with the shade (like the picture above) so students can find the missing amount.

But there are many more!!!

Number Frames, Math Vocabulary, Geoboard, Number Pieces, Number Line-all for free!
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