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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Word Problems in Kindergarten

  Happy Spring! 
My class and I have been taking on a more challenging form of word problem for subtraction.  Not only do we use the "some went away" format, but we are also studying missing part word problems. 
One of the presenters of the January Common Core conference, mentioned that we may fall short if we only teach kids subtraction in the manner where something goes away.  With the new testing for common core on the horizon, we know students will be required to solve more math word problems.  It's not just computation anymore!!
So I stepped up our game plan!
 Watch this video of the children solving these word problems!
Don't see it...click here to see it on SchoolTube.
I was delighted to discover that if I used number frames, almost all the children could be successful in solving these types of problems. I was also exciting to hear the language of the word problems being used in the explanations!!!

Click here if you would like to try this yourself with an Earth Day themed math reader.
Recycling Word Problem Reader

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