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Monday, January 7, 2013

Free Teacher Resource Websites (Part 1)

Hello. Do you want free teaching resources?  Oh, I had you at “Hello.”  ;)

In this post, I am going to share some of my favorite websites that offer free printables, craft activities, and resources. You may be familiar with some of these sites, but I hope you will still be able discover something new.

Read the description and if the site sounds like it is a good fit for your needs then click on the link to visit the site.

You should bookmark this page if you need to return!  After all, these are awesome websites that you may want to explore!

This site offers a multitude of crafts for children of kindergarten age.  The crafts are mostly themed by holiday and seasons. Detailed directions are given for each project. If you are feeling uninspired, you should check out this site!

This site offers resources for use in prek/kindergarten classes.  I enjoy and use the literacy section of this site.  The author has provided many emergent readers that have a sight word focus or a content focus.  She has given permission to copy and use these for your classroom.    

The author of this site invites teachers to use these resources in their classrooms.  There are printables for crafts, phonics, popular stories, and nursery rhymes just to name a few.  I really like the section under “Stories and Props.” The area called “level 1” is most appropriate for kindergarten.  It offers a beginning reader story read aloud online to the student.  Then there is the matching printable story available in PDF to print out and give to students to practice on their own. You should check this one out!

This site is massive.  You can search through the site quickly by checking the list of printables by activity or theme. I usually check by theme since I often teach thematically.  I also love the “printables for popular books” located in the listing on the home page!!! I love this webpage and it is very often one of the first places I look when beginning something new.

This site offers resources spanning from preK to second grade. She offers a section of popular themes. I plan to check those out further myself!! I have kept this site bookmarked on my browser because she has “site printables” available and I have referred to those often!

If you are planning a class party or celebration, you should check Activity Village.  It is loaded with all kinds of fun stuff from crafts, puzzles, mazes, some holiday themed educational worksheets, and game suggestions.  They have printables to the hilt and they are themed by a topic, holiday or season. They are continually adding to the site so you will want to keep this bookmarked and check back often. One of the great things about this site is that they include templates with their craft instructions for those who are artistically challenged! FYI: The site is based in the UK, so some of the holidays and spelling will be different from what we are used to.

To be continued...

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