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Thursday, June 6, 2013

End of the School Year and June Randomness

1)  Today is my one year bloggerversery.  My first post ever featured this picture of Ton Jones from "Auction Hunters."  How did I get this?  He came to our school site last school year  and participated in a RC car show for the kids.  He was so sweet he stuck around after the show and met all the children. He even signed autographs for the 6th graders who were absolutely starstruck!!!

2)  My husband insists on doing the Soda Trick every year to entertain the children in my class. Unfortunately, it only lasts a few seconds. We recorded it this time, so the children can relive it as often as they would like!

3)  I cant say enough about the floating and sinking experiments done at the end of the year!  I actually tricked those little ones into learning when they were quite finished with learning!  I began with a group modeling activity and taught the word "hypothesis."  We used the following recording sheet to keep track. 

This picture shows a student's drawing of the item and his hypothesis before the object is tested.  (Can you see the picture of the bear?)
The plastic bear was placed into the water and it floated.

You can also return to the previous post to collect this free reader. It  accompanied these lessons! Click the image to return to the previous post.

4)  Having a class pet is a must!  I have a hermit crab that I kept in the classroom this year.  Despite the opinion that hermit crabs make boring pets, I found him to be rather active during the day.  He is a climber and was often seen on top of various objects in the tank.  Many visitors stopped to marvel at him, as well as the children.  As I said, he is a very busy creature.  I recommend getting one of these for  your classroom.  He is very easy to take care of, never became a burden or an extra chore.  

5) Father's day is just around the corner and my son and I plan to make this project from Smart-Bottom Enterprises for the special man in our lives. Check it out!
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  1. I really like your hypothesis sheets. I got a hamster 3/4 through the school year and I have to agree, they are a must. And she is really quite entertaining.

    1. I wish we could get a pet that had hair, but my district will not allow that due to student allergies.

  2. Happy Bloggerversary! And wow about the crab - I've never seen one of those guys. I bet the kids just love it!
    Whimsy Workshop 

  3. Susanna and I must think alike because that was the first thing I was going to write- Happy Bloggerversary! The soda trick was awesome- and so was that giggling in the video! Love the sink and float ideas, too. :)
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed your visit today!