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Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday Meet Up With The Teaching Tribune

Just for fun, I am linking up with the teaching tribune for "Meet me Monday." This week the focus is to talk about things that you are thankful for! 
You probably did not know that I am half Puerto Rican and the entire half is in my hair!!! I am thankful for my flat iron because it has saved me from having to always wear my hair extra frizzy curly!!!!

I have admired this lady ever since I was 11 years old. That was the time I discovered her! Unfortunately, I missed all of her early career.  Happily, I have been able to get caught up through YouTube.  
This video makes me laugh!
  I realize that even mega-superstars have an awkward phase!!! 
Thank you to all the people who have posted Olivia videos. I could go on about my favorite singer, but covering a career that spans decades would take a lot of time.  Gratefully, Olivia has always inspired me and that takes me to number 3...
I love to karaoke livvy's old country and folk songs.  The ones that I missed in my childhood or missed because I did not exist!  I have had a karaoke machine in my life since I was 18.  I find singing is fun, stress relieving, and makes me feel like the superstar of the living room!  Thankfully, I never get flack for my hours of karaoke! My husband just retreats to the man cave.  He tells me I have a great singing voice, but does not enjoy my choice of songs.  He would surely never lie to me about my singing.

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