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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Book Talk Tuesday: Happy Endings

I am linking up with Mrs. Jump to talk about
 this gem I found in the library on Monday. Although I think it is a bit advanced for kindergarten students, I still found it adorable.

The students are going to "tackle" the word endings before summer break. The children were restless and did not want to study. The suffixes leave to the gym to work out so they are prepared for being "tackled." After lunch the students and the teacher return to the classroom to discover the suffixes are gone.

The children make signs to get the endings back.
 The suffixes see the posters and decide to makeup clues to where they are. The children read the clues and realize the need the suffixes to read their clues.  The story finishes with a happy ending.
The ending pages give students a list of rules for adding suffixes.
This book is perfect for grade levels where suffixes are studied heavily throughout the year. However, it would be a cute read aloud for any grade.

          This book is available from 
      Scholastic | open a world of possible

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