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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Counting on Addition Center, Pinch Card and Pete Preview

I wanted to find a way to combine counting on with adding so I made this center for my kids to practice.

Have you ever heard of a pinch card? It is a tool for a quick group assessment that you may want to use in your classroom. Here's how it works.  Create a card that contains double sided answers.  This allows both the teacher and the child to see the chosen answer in response to the question.  The teacher can visual scan the room for correct and incorrect responses, then make a note of the results.
Here is a Blank Pinch Card.

Here is the large chart of digraphs for my new product, "Digraph Dog Pack."

It comes with this project template.

It  also comes with circle maps of each digraph and matching pictures. 
Students can also make a mini-version of the large chart.
Available at TpT or TN for $1.88 


Preview a new Pete book!


Lastly, I finally got my new computer!

                                                                   Asus - Essentio Desktop - 8GB Memory - 1TB Hard Drive - Larger Front

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