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Monday, June 22, 2015

Reciprocal Teaching at Work: Chapter 4

Welcome back again as we jump into chapter four.  Please link up your post or leave a comment about the chapter. Don't forget to visit Sarah at  Kovescence of the Mind for her thoughts on this chapter.
Kovescence of the Mind

Chapter 4 begins with an example of how to incorporate the four strategies into a guided reading lesson.
To summarize, incorporating reciprocal teaching into guided reading lessons yields powerful results.

To build an effective guided reading lesson you need to activate prior knowledge, preview the book and discuss predictions, ask students to read while working individual on the four strategies, and discuss the book.  Encourage student to interact with each other using reciprocal teaching strategies during the reading period.

The Goals

*Demonstrate and show how to use the strategies.
*Do lesson in small groups.
*Guide comprehension of reading material student would be unsuccessful with independently.
*Model more of the strategies.
*Use flexible grouping
*Ready students to participate in literature circles

To accomplish flexible grouping the author gives four ways to group.
1)   Group by the strategy needing reinforcement
2)   Allow students to choose a groups based on the interest she/he has of the books available.
3)   Create a intervention group for extra instruction
4)   Ability level

Don't over use leveled guided reading books.  Consider using the reading series, Newspaper articles, poems, magazine articles, or nonfiction text, novels, real world reading materials, and other subject textbooks.

Cs and Qs Guided Reading from Reciprocal Teaching at Work by Lori Oczkus from International Literacy Assoc on Vimeo.

Guided reading is a good time for assessment. Take note of how well they are working with the four strategies while you are coaching or during discussions.  The appendix has forms that are available for this purpose.

So what does the rest of the class do during this time...

The author tells us to create routines were students are trained to read, fill in graphic organizers, or do word work.  She recommends students spend most of this time in authentic reading.  If you are teaching older students you can train them to participate in a literature circle during guided reading time.  She recommends you read additional books depending on the type of independent model you'd like to have.

Tailor your instruction according to your grade level in addition to guided reading sessions. 

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