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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Community Helpers Town (Show and Tell Tuesday)

I am linking up with Forever in 5th Grade for this month's Show and Tell Tuesday.

Children are playing with open-ended materials.  They told me they were making a house.

This is our new "Quiet Area." When the children have hurt feelings, get  a "boo boo," or feel tired they can rest in here for a little while. There is a blanket and several teddy bears inside for comfort.

This picture cracked me up!  These three were so sure they had spelled the word "cat." They had no idea that their bodies weren't in the correct places.

This is our community helpers and town project.  Children colored several pictures that included: a coffee shop, bakery, hospital, fire station, police station, school, library, pizza shop etc.  These pictures were cut and glued on to stuffed paper bags and an empty box. They also colored the matching workers and we glued them onto a craft stick. Then they were able to play.  These printables are found free at the link below.

Community Workers


  1. Looks like you have all kinds of great things going on in your classroom! Thanks for linking up!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

  2. Love that your kids are building towns and shopping...so fun!

  3. Love the towns! These are too cute!