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Monday, December 3, 2012

Gingerbread Activities Continued..

We had a fun Monday!  We were finally able to graph what our first bite of a gingerbread cookie would be!!  I had been looking for an appropriate cookie at the grocery store for some time.  I thought we were out of luck until I discovered these gems in the bakery section.

So we each got a cookie and we graphed our first bite!

Then we followed up with an language arts activity that required students to use some of their beginning reading skills. They had to unscramble a sentence telling about the first bite they took first.

Teachers:  I have shared a copy of this scrambled up sentence page with you if you wish.  It is not pretty-just done with regular Microsoft word, but it might save you some time.
scrambled sentences

We also used the gingerbread teens activity from Kindergarten Crayons

I also have my own gingerbread set of numbers for 5's. You can use these for a headband or just to put them in order.

Last week we completed a sequencing activity for the story where we placed events in order.

We will finish up tomorrow with a writing activity describing the gingerbread man.  Here is a picture of our bubble map.

We also did our version of Kim's shape tree activity.
I love how these turned out.

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