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Monday, December 10, 2012

Decomposing Numbers to Ten and Holiday Activities

Update:  See my post K.OA. 3 and K.OA.4 for more on decomposing numbers.

Decomposing numbers to ten is one of our new common core standards.  We started with a tens frame and some double sided counters.  I rolled a big foam die and that number was counted out with the red side of the counters.  The remaining spaces were filled with the yellow side of the counters.  I charted our number sentences and color coded the numbers red and yellow to match the counters on the frames.  

We followed up with a decomposing numbers Hanukkah themed worksheet that I created.  Students are starting to catch on to this difficult concept, but we will be practicing more in the future.

Here is a copy of the worksheet for teachers: Hanukkah Themed Decomposing Numbers Worksheet

Here are a few of the finished products from our Hanukkah thinking maps.

Here is a copy of a bubble map writing for the gingerbread from Lori Rosenberg.

These Santa projects were inspired by Deanna Jump's.

 We were able to do this activity today from Primary Reading Party.  We had to discuss some of the vocabulary for a few of  these Christmas items. We also had to decide which words we wanted to choose to call the objects, since different words had different syllables.

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