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Monday, December 17, 2012

More Hanukkah and Christmas Activities

Last week we had a great time playing the dreidel game with our PM reading buddies.  The children learned how to play the game with hands on experience!

We also made Heidi's Hanukkah craft.  

Spoiler Alert for Parents! 

  Each student created a present for their parents for the holidays
shown below.

These are made with air dry clay, beads or google eyes, pipe cleaners, and felt.

We practiced some sight words with an activity from Making Learning Fun.
The words are written on the trunks. The trunks are available as a part of the activity, but I was trying to save paper, so I asked students to draw those themselves. 

 Teachers, the link for your copy. Christmas Tree Sight Word Puzzles

Not a holiday activity but very fun and a good way to practice positional words....

This activity comes from Kizclub. All the children kept asking me if this was Cookie the Cat!! This would have gone great with Cookie's Week if I had found it back then!!

Teachers, here is a link if you want to pick up a copy: kidzclub


  1. We did the sight word trees today and the kiddos had the hardest time with these. Following direction and putting them together to make the sight words, even when I showed them how and hung up a model for them. How did your students do with it?

    1. My students were able to do them, but it was time consuming. I did not give them all the sight words available on her site. I only gave them the ones we had studied and I knew they would be comfortable with.