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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Classroom Fun in February!

And we had to squish a little Groundhog's Day in there...

The PM group is looking good in their 100th day goodies!

The AM group happily wearing their 100th day hats!

We used cut up pieces of construction paper and crayons to design our hats.

I used this idea from Erin Eberhart.  She had students organize the fruit loops on a hundreds chart.  The stringing of the cereal proved time consuming and some students struggled to finish.  If you try this and your volunteers are unavailable, make sure you have bags so students can take what they have not finished home to complete!!!

The beauty of using the hundreds chart for the necklaces, was that we cleared them off,  and reused them for this color the number activity.

I loved this idea!!!

Finally, I rushed to fit in these 100 exercises.  Sorry for the sloppy charting, I always mean to make a really nice copy of this, but I always run out of time to do it!! :(


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