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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Working With Words: RF.K.2e

 If you are working with word families in your class like me, you probably want your students to create words with letters. This activity used to create a headache for me.  I had to gather individual letters put them in baggies and then change them out. This was very time consuming.  I even tried to simply place all 26 letters in baggies and have students take out only those needed.  That too was time consuming as students struggled to retrieve only those they needed...so I created these disposable letters.  

Students have to cut these out quickly.  I tell them that this is not an art project!! Believe it or not, this is still faster than the search through 26 letters.  Here is a tip. Don't have them throw away scraps until the end of the activity.  They may end up accidentally throwing away letters!!
The letters are doubled up on the page and each set uses a different font.  This is so each version can be alternated between students and they won't get their set confused with their neighbors. 

Here are a few different sets of letters for working with word families for you.....

Don't forget to write up set of large cards for your pocket chart!

I also made a word family sort worksheet and I am sharing it with you.

Next post on Valentine's Fun!

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