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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Fun!!

 Mr. Schoenberger is an extremely talented entertainer!!
He came and made balloons for all the kindergarteners!!
 This little girl was thrilled with her crazy hat!!
We also made cute froggy bags for the valentine cards.
This was created using a DLTK template.  I enlarged the template so it would fit this larger size bag and copied them on the appropriate color cardstock.  The heart for the mouth was made using a heart punch that I purchased from the craft store.  If you want to do this yourself, here is a link.
We also made these adorable necklaces!
We placed beads on a  pipe cleaner and twisted them closed. Then we strung them through red yarn.  Some of the kids were able to shape the pipe cleaner into a heart.  A heart shape was the original idea, but I let the children leave it in a circle if they chose to.
Of course we graphed our conversation hearts together and individually.

This idea was inspired by Kimberly Jordano.  We brainstormed and interactively wrote these words.
 Then we wrote them individually on the hearts, cut the out and placed them in the envelope. They are to be read with reading buddies.
 The Valentines that we made for our reading buddies.
 Here are pictures of some the other Valentine related activities. These are from Nicole Ricca's Valentine  Math and Literacy Unit.
Next post on will include our learning about the Presidents!

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