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Friday, March 22, 2013

Long Vowels Review Activity

I have redone this so that it is now a PDF document.  I created it back when I did not know much about any of this blogging business and nobody even knew I was here!!  I hope you can use this.

Sorry no cutsie freebie but keep reading and I'll share my Easter cutsie craft and directions!! 

On to the long vowels activity...


You will need a 12 x 18 sheet of construction paper in any color.  
To prepare the booklet:
 fold the sheet in until the edges touch and crease,
cut  2 slats on each side
Duplicate this document for your class:

Students cut and glue items on and under the correct flaps. That's it!!

This is a poor man's blog!!  Here is a frugal, yet cute way I am going to commemorate Easter with my class. It uses nothing more than a paper bag, tissue paper, construction paper and whatever is lying around for the decorations.

The bunny head template is from different craft, but I used it  here. Hey, you might want to do that one instead!!

Now all that is left is to fill it.  I lined the inside with a piece of tissue paper. I have Easter pencils, a dot to dot, some stickers and anything else I can afford to throw inside!  
You can even have students make an additional craft to put inside! I did this last year.
This is a cut out egg carton painted white, with a yellow cotton ball inside, a yellow feather, and construction paper for the eyes and beak.  
Cheap, cheap, cheap!!
(Hee, hee!)
I hope you found something useful today!!

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