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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pete the Cat Books on the Big Reading Day


Our entire day consisted of Pete the Cat and some great activities. 
But before I go on you must know that you have to play the music that goes with these books.  These books just aren't the same without it. 
(Two of my books were purchased from Scholastic and they came with CDs of the songs.)  
If you don't have them here is the link to download the songs.

Here are some pictures of my class rocking out to the tunes.  

This activity went really well.  It is inspired by Kim Jordano's Jazzy Journals, but centered around Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons. 
The Pete template is from Making Learning Fun and I created the bottom portion.  The buttons are created with a craft punch.  
I was in hurry and I just used the colors I had close by for the buttons ...leftover from Valentine's.  When I do this again I will use multi-colors like those in the book. I will choose a lighter background so the curly cues show up better.

Want to make this too? Here are your links for what you need.  

(I enlarged this template.)

We also used this freebie created from Made for 1st Grade to make a class book.
Much better looking in color as it was created.

Visit this page to grab your copy.

Well, our Big Reading Day featured a new cat so we also needed a new hat!

I enlarged the Making Learning Fun template of Pete's head extra large and created a tagline, "Reading in my groovy shoes!"
You will not believe what a child said just before I snapped the picture!!
He said, "Say Pete!" Yup!  They did!

We also used this cause and effect sheet from Finally in First. What a great activity!!

Visit them here!

Thank you to our guest reader!!!
I can't wait for the next big reading day!!


  1. I love your Pete the cat math sentences! What a great way to incorporate literacy into math! That is "sneak attack" teaching at it's best! Thanks for sharing!

    The Applicious Teacher

    1. Ps- I found you through the TpT forum! I hope you don't mind that I stopped by! :)