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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pig Craft, Earth Day and More!

1) We are continuing our reading of Mrs. Wishy Washy. We have read other versions of the story as well.  We had even more fun making this pig craft and incorporating some writing with it. 

This is a paper plate painted pink, the nose and ears are printed on pink construction paper.  The eyes were made with a craft punch.
If you happen to want the template for the pig nose and ears. Here it is: Pig Pieces Template

2) Check out what you can do with this App for the IPad!!  It is called Talking Larry and it was free!! It repeats what you say and you can record that.  However, your message had better be brief because you only get about a minute of recording time.  I recorded some rules.  Take a peek and see if you are interested in obtaining your own copy.

3)We had a great Earth Day.  We discussed and wrote about how we could help our planet.  When each child finished writing they received an Earth Day Badge.  These badges are made in color. However, being that it is near the end of the year, we are low on color ink!! I printed these on construction paper instead.  These are rather large and could even be worn on yarn as a necklace. 
If you would like to use these yourself, click here!

4)We also planted our beans on Earth Day!! They are just starting to push up through the soil, so this picture is rather boring!!  Each student colored, cut out a tag, put it on a stick, and placed it in the soil.  If you would like to use this tag get it here!
        As you can see I recycle yogurt cups for this purpose- a money saver!!  Also, I use pinto beans to plant. These are just the regular pinto beans you buy at the grocery store for the purpose of cooking.  I buy a bag and it costs about $1.70.  There are plenty of beans in it and students get to plant multiple seeds. This makes planting super cheap!!

5)Finally, I am getting my Mother's Day project ready.  If you missed the video of how to make it, you can catch it now. Click on the image below.

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