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Thursday, October 17, 2013

October Activities in Kindergarten

The theme of the week was to try and cram as much fun in as possible.
I am obsessed with headbands!! I try to turn as many activities as possible into a headband.  This worked out really well for us because it fell on a Zero the Hero day and we practiced our counting by tens!  

I know there are many number ordering activities out there, but they weren't quite right for me.  I need black and white versions that are small enough to fit on the headbands! I made these myself.  You are free to take any of these you might be interested in!

The students and I had a great time with this!

I used these creatures last year to introduce addition. 
I am planning that for next week, but we be began with counting and comparing numbers with these.  Click on the image below to see last year's post and get a copy of the addition sheet.
Like many of you, we have also been working on bats!
We have created a simple circle map together, made our bat projects, and read our itsy bitsy bat books with our 2nd and third grade reading buddies.
Bat project here!

The one thing I am most proud of is this double bubble map comparing a nonfiction bat book to a fiction bat book!! 

My partner teacher thought this was rather ambitious, but the kids got it!  Probably, because I don't open a book with out going over the parts of it! 

Unfortunately, it is black and white.  I think it would have looked so much better in color, but we are a small school and that makes us a poor school.

We finished up with our predictable chart.  The students liked getting their sentence and having to put it together like a puzzle.  This was also a great time to teach students about directionality, capitalization, and punctuation of sentences.  I like using predictable charts because they can fit into any topic you are working with!
A copy of a lesson plan is found on the first 3 pages, if you aren't familiar with the procedure.

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A list of possible topics for a predictable chart can be found here.

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