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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bat Brace Map and More!!

I am really enjoying teaching these days with all these fun seasonal activities!!

These pumpkins brace maps were all the rage last year and everyone had their version-even me! I used mine for the specific purpose of writing from a thinking map.
I am posting it here in case you could use this.

This week we had a Zero Hero day.  This entailed a Zero the Hero challenge!! Each student had to create 5 groups of 10.

Several students completed the challenge.  Those that did not have time, were able to combine with another student to complete the assignment.

We worked with our Dollar Tree Creepy Creatures to compare number sets and I introduced the symbols that are used to compare. We used craft sticks. The students were responsible for making the correct symbol for each problem.
Here is a worksheet I will use sometime soon and I am sharing it below.


I was very excited to do this interactively with the class!  The "s" in green was brought on by a teachable moment where it was decided to make things plural.  I chose green to highlight the "s" and to help students remember that its job is making things more than one.  We also had the conversation about "feet" already being plural. We also highlighted our targeted high frequency word "have."
Again, students made a copy of the map to write from.  We did an oral rehearsal for each part before writing.
Here is a copy for you if want to try it.

Conveniently, we were ready for our letter Jj lesson when I wanted to make a paper Jack-o-lantern.  I love it when things work out like this!

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