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Monday, November 4, 2013

Pete's Thankful Class Book

I hope you are ready for a third helping of Pete!  This is a really simple activity that aligns with Pete the Cat: The First Thanksgiving and those predictable charts I was talking about a few posts ago.  
(I got my new Pete book from a Scholastic book order and I saw today that it is still available.  The price is better through Scholastic books than at the book store.)

I read the story to my class today.  I had one little boy who was very excited because it is a flap book. He made a point of telling me how much he loves books with flaps! 

The last line of the story Pete asks, "What are you thankful for?" This transitioned flawlessly into this pocket chart activity. Each student gave me an ending response which I wrote on the paper and I added the student's name in Pete's bubble instead of on the bottom of a sentence strip. 
I was very proud of my students. They really understood the concept of being thankful.  I had some terrific responses. Students told me that they were thankful for love, the world, homes, pets- not toys!!

Here is a copy for you to use if you are interested in doing this with your class.

 I am prepared this time, so we will have a class book made for the  final activity!  
This is a sample page for the inside of the book. There is also a page that does not have the sentence starter, if you have students that are more independent.
 Here is a copy if you would like to use this.

Here is a link that outlines the steps of this lesson format if you are not familar with it:

We just finished up these activities.  
Our hands-on experience was touching the inside and outside of a pumpkin and our vocabulary was generated on this bubble map.  The dictation portion was done using the map as a guide. We  rehearsed the starter sentence. 
"Pumpkins are__________." We used our generated vocabulary on the bubble map to fill in the blank. That is what was written and read. 
I really like this song for this time of year.

I can sum up Halloween with one word!
"Grease" is the word!
Hope you had fun too!

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