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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Crafts for my Kindergarteners

Last year I made a Santa and it had way too many pieces to cut out and put together.  This year I made my own simpler Santa.  I have mentioned before that I have younger students and things just have to be easier!!  The list he is holding just includes sight words because I knew my class would be successful writing those. 

My "Santa Craft" is free on my TpT store.

I simplified this reindeer headband also! I have nearly 30 students, so I have to make things faster, as well as, easier!
Most versions of this involve breaking your back, cutting out each student's individual hands between each finger. This is, of course, after you complete the tedious task of tracing the child's hands on the paper. By using dark brown paint and creating a hand print on light brown construction paper, I was able to cut around the hand quickly and still have the detail of the fingers.  The nose was done using a craft punch and red paper.  Craft punches are huge time savers! The eyes I cut out by hand.  The strip of paper for the headband had to be pretty thick-about 5 inches to fit all the pieces on it.
Maybe you would like to do this with your class...

I recommend a craft punch for the nose, but if you just can't get one...

Have fun crafting with your kids!!

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