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Friday, December 13, 2013

Our Christmas Activities (5 for Fri.)

This year I made a chart that allowed us as a class to analyze each main character in selected books and determine whether they would be placed on Santa's naughty or nice list. This was a really fun way to teach about character and students had to learn to justify their decisions with evidence from the text. My class did so well! I am really excited about what they came up with!
I thought we had finished when it was decided that the gingerbread man was going on the naughty list!  Why? All that taunting he did as he was running away!!

A close-up picture for a bit more detail.
Note:  This the "Ready Freddy" book was not actually the one we read.  I could not get a picture of the actual story.  
Also, Pete is on the chart in two places because of his two different stories: The Wheels on the Bus is the story on the left. Why is he on the naughty list?  I was told by a student that he stood on top of the bus and that was not being safe .

 Gingerbread Fun!
We started our week off with these fun activities. Here is a copy of the gingerbread pattern for the graph. Just click the image.
Sorry, still on the headband kick!! Hey, just get on board and grab yours here!!!
Mice on Ice
Each year a teacher friend of mine and I get together with our Scholastic Book orders.  We accumulate points and order a book for each student in our classes for the holiday.  This year my pick was Mice on Ice.  It is a very cute rhyming book and it was perfect for a younger group of students.  I am very excited to give each child this book!
Enjoy this video with your gingerbread activities!

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