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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Comparing Numbers in Kinder (K.CC.C 6 & 7)

Free for you. Link is below.

We have been working on comparing numbers for some time now.  We began simply by counting two different sets and verbally talking about which one was more and which one was less.
We used the following sentence starters to make choral responses:
"_____is greater than____."
"_____is less than______."
"______is equal to______."

We did this many times before I introduced the greater than, less than, and equal sign. I introduced them to these using the idea of the monster eating the greater number, but I know that a few prefer to teach this using the dots. I have never encountered a problem using the "monster" or "alligator" method.

We have spent a lot of time using the symbols with the concrete objects and pictures.  
The freebie book is to help transition from comparing pictures and items to comparing numbers. Click the image to download.

This is the matching SlideShare book.  I have already used this in my class to introduce comparing numbers. All I did was project it from my IPad to the whiteboard, we have read, reread and I had students write the corresponding numbers on the whiteboard underneath the pictures. They also wrote the symbols on the whiteboard for the last page where there are only numbers.

Alligator, Alligator, What Do You See? By KinderBlossoms from stinablossom

I also have song videos I created on YouTube if interested. 
Yes, I am crazy like that!!

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Comparing Numbers

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