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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Snowmen at Night: A Verb Lesson

Here is an anchor chart of verbs we made using the book Snowmen at Night.
This is the perfect book for introducing verbs.

As you can see the snowmen are very active at night.  There are plenty of verbs to come up with!

After reading the book, I introduced the term verb and gave the gesture and definition using this Whole Brain Teaching poster from Power Pix: First Grade. Students practiced this and "taught" each other. The definition they chant is, "A verb is an action word or a state of being.  (State of being is addressed later.) While they chant, they pump their arms as if they are running.
The next day we reread the book and reviewed "verb."
Then carefully studied the illustrations looking for action words
I wrote these verbs on the anchor chart above.

We reviewed the whole brain definition of verb and our chart each day during morning meeting.

Finally, students are ready for some independent practice.
Here is a booklet to reinforce the concept of verbs using snowmen.

They can also draw simple picture with a white crayon or chalk and write a matching sentence .

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  1. The snowman booklet is so special. I still have books like that from K-3rd grade :).