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Friday, January 16, 2015

Five for Friday


Have you heard of this website? It is "Storyline Online."  It has celebrities reading stories.  This site would be perfect for your "listen to reading" Daily 5 center. I think you'll love it.

This is a buzzer app I got free in the app store called "Free Buzzer." I have used it to play games in 2 teams. Students get a question and have to buzz in, give the correct answer and get points.  You could use this as you wish!


I love this cute book.  I discovered it when a second grade reading buddy shared it with one of my kinders.

Zero tries to get respect from the other numbers.
Then they realize his math powers and become afraid of him.
When the Roman Numerals capture the numbers Zero gets his chance to be a Hero!


Students are playing with juggling scarves.  These are great for P.E or burning off extra energy.


Corduroy   -     By: Don Freeman

I used the book Corduroy and his lost button to teach subtraction. Students are taking the "lost" buttons off their Corduroy bear.


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