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Friday, January 30, 2015

Story Parts Fold Up/Five for Friday

It was  just a little case of petty theft.  It took four days to listen to the case and reach a verdict.


As soon as I was excused from court for the day, I drove directly to my district Cognitively Guided Instruction training!  So far, we have learned about the first 6 problem types. According to the trainer, each grade should be the focusing on each type . For example, kindergarten focuses on "add to, result unknown" and "take from, result unknown."

 Here is a CGI Teacher Guide if you want to read more.

Here is a website that has sample problems, if you are interested in trying some.
Kindergarten Word Problems


This story is called Six Hogs on a Scooter. Six hogs are trying to get to the opera in this story.  They make several failed attempts to get there.  This story is great for reviewing parts of a story! It is available from Amazon.

Use this freebie to outline the parts of this book.

 (You will  need to utilize a volunteer for help cutting and folding!)    
Story Parts Fold Up 

 I spent too much money at Barnes and Nobles again!
I'm getting ready to fill in the gaps of my understanding with this new book. I have to get back to you on how it is.


I thought these were cute.

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  1. Christina this is such a great activity. Thanks so much for sharing it.
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