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Friday, April 24, 2015

Five for Friday 4/24

I've been getting ready for my summer book study.  I hope you will join.
All you would need to do to join is get the book, write a post for each chapter, and then link up your post.  If you teach grades k-6, then you will link up with me at http://kinderblossoms.blogspot.com/.  
If you teach grades 7-12, then you will link your post at http://kovescenceofthemind.blogspot.com/
(See the posting schedule above.)

The book is called "Reciprocal Teaching at Work:  K-12" and is written by Lori D. Oczkus.  It is available through Amazon.


It's the end of the year, time for floating and sinking activities.  Students here are drawing a picture of the results of a floating experiment.

I have been getting ready for this top secret event. Stay tuned.

This is another year end activity that I like students to do to review long vowel sounds. These pages are free here.


Students working on Mrs. Wishy Washy booklets.


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